Promoting Rigorous Engagement

image-e Relevant, Rigorous AssignmentsWhen creating assignments, it is important that students are engaged in the activity and recognize its value to the learning process. As mentioned in Topic B: Creating Multiple Pathways for Learning, students should be allowed to initiate or adjust activities and work toward developing their understanding. Rigorous assignments and activities enhance student understanding by offering choice, opportunity for collaboration, and personal relevance. Activating schema, offering purposeful homework, and choosing appropriate instructional strategies challenges students to think broadly and deeply.

As you’ll recall from previous readings on the Net Generation, it’s important for you to create an assignment that, while being rigorous and relevant, approaches problems from multiple angles and allows students to create their own knowledge. Developing assignments that engage students reinforces a culture of learning because it demonstrates the high regard that you, as a teacher, have for the content being learned and because it also implies that students are required to meet high expectations.  

 Diagram-icon Learning Outcomes:

After completing this topic you will be able to:

  • Create or modify purposeful assignments/activities that challenge students to think broadly and deeply.



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