Assessment C-2


clipboardAssessment Objective:

icon-lessonLesson Plan

15 points  Rubric C-2 (11/15 points required for a passing grade)

  1. Revisit the 5 to 7 sentence paragraph you composed at the beginning of this module, where you compared your areas of strength and challenge to the criteria for a distinguished teacher. You will submit this paragraph as part of this assessment.
  2. Now that you have experienced this module, compose a second paragraph or two (approx. 10 sentences total) where you reflect on how you can improve your areas of challenge and enhance your areas of strength. Incorporate at least two types of learning activities from this module. Reference what you learned from the videos and/or the links to outside readings in your response as well.
To complete this assignment, please visit the assessment tab and click on Assessment C-2: Reflection. You may upload your responses here.