Student Engagement and Exploration

image-c Engaging Today's StudentIn a culture of learning, it is vital for students to realize that they are engaged in important work.  To accomplish this a deliberate, purposeful environment should be created; one that simultaneously encourages students to be engaged in learning while exploring avenues that are of interest to them. According to Charlotte Danielson (2009), “The core of student engagement, activities and assignments that promote learning, are those that require student thinking, emphasize depth over breadth, and may enable students to exercise some choice” (p. 307).

This course explores several ways of facilitating student engagement: encouraging students to assist in designing projects, facilitating ways for students to develop individual learning contracts, supporting students as they develop proposals for alternative projects, and letting students design, experience, and evaluate service learning experiences. This course outlines activities and assignments designed to enhance student exploration, cognitive engagement, and “minds-on” learning.


Topic A: Creating Multiple Pathways for Learning

Topic B: Integrating Technology

Topic C: Promoting Rigorous Engagement

Course Outcomes

In this course, you will:


Review Component 3c: Engaging Students in Learning. Type a five- to seven-sentence paragraph comparing your areas of strength and challenge to the criteria for a distinguished teacher. (You will submit this paragraph as part of an assessment at the end of this course.)

Danielson, C., Axtell, D., Bevan, P., Cleland, B., McKay, C., Phillips, E., et al. (2009). Implementing the framework for teaching in enhancing professional practice. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.