Assessment C-1

 Engaging Assignments and Activities

clipboardAssessment Objectives:

icon-lessonWritten Response

30 points  Rubric C-1 (23/30 points required for a passing grade)

  1. Choose and describe two activities or assignments that you currently use with your students (three to five sentences per activity). Complete at least four characteristics on Engaging Activities and Assignments Table, indicating how you can revise each activity or assignment to make it more engaging for your students.

  2.  Write a paragraph reflecting upon how each of the revised activities or assignments represents minds-on learning and which revisions truly enhanced student understanding. Note that there should be two reflection paragraphs, and each should be at least five to seven sentences long.


To complete this assignment, please visit the assessment tab and click on assessment C-1. You may upload your response and the completed Engaging Activities and Assignments Table here.