Integrating Technology

image-d Collaborative ToolsToday's students have more access to information via the Internet than students of previous generations. A growing number of these students also collaborate to develop content with their peers online. Today's "Net-Generation" youth participate on wiki fan sites as well as develop and re-mix video content for video sites such as YouTube (Lenhart et al., 2007).

Using technology to engage students in meaningful activities and assignments opens up additional paths for students to design project requirements, initiate changes, and propose alternatives that create relevance for students as individuals.* By purposefully using technology with the Net Generation, you are providing them with a voice in their own learning – creating active learners who are engaged and excited about the learning process.

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  • Explore the benefits of inviting students to design their own purposeful approaches and pathways that engage them in rigorous, relevant learning.


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* Lenhart, A., and Madden, M. (2007). Social networking websites and teens. Pew internet and American life project. Retrieved March 19, 2012, from